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Greg Karasick Guitar Lessons in Sarasota

I started at the age of 10 taking lessons on the clarinet, saxaphone and piano before finally settling on guitar at the age of 12.

I received a bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston where I studied instrumental performance and arranging. I attribute my time at Berklee as the most eye opening and musically satisfying experience of my career in music. When I was at Berklee I quickly realized the talent and playing ability of many of the other students was simply amazing and we all freely shared our passion, knowledge and experience with each other. I feel I learned just as much about music form the other students as I did from the teachers and the classes I was attending on a regular basis.

After Berklee I spent time in the recording studio as well as playing with various Jazz, Blues and Rock bands through out the New York Metropolitan Area. I also pursued continuing my education on my instrument by seeking out and studying with some of the best teachers I could find, Danny Lamb, John Carlinni and Jazz vocalist and guitarist Grover Kemble

I have been teaching guitar in the form of private instruction and group classes for almost 20 years and my passion for music and my instrument is reflected in the results I have gotten as a teacher. I have dedicated myself to passing that enthusiasm on to my students. I strive for getting the most I can from my students by using different approaches tailored for each ones individual needs and yet at the same time making it interesting and fun.

In my teaching I have taken the traditional methods by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, Berklee and others and combined them with my own innovative approach I have developed through my years of teaching and studying with other teachers. At the same time I love taking on students who come to me and want to learn to play without the reading and theory and just want to have fun.


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